Beskyd Com has been operating in the sphere of banking software since 1989. Since then, a whole family of systems has been developed, implemented and successfully used by commercial banks of Ukraine and Moldova. Their main purpose is to automate the service of deposit operations of individuals, maintain customer accounts, automate cash and settlement operations, including transactions for all types of payments (incl. utilities), money transfers and trading operations, full analytical accounting and dynamic balance management, increase of cashless payments, improving the quality of customer service and productivity of the Bank’s staff, increasing the level of protection of financial information from unauthorized access.

In addition to banking products, the company has developed systems that are directly related to the financial and information flows of the RPSS. Their complex implementation and operation allow to expand the provision of services for the people and to build a closed-loop of cashless money circulation within the bank.

An integrated B2C (Business-To-Consumer) platform that delivers utility bills on a device favored by a user (smartphone, tablet, computer) or places that he visits (Facebook, bank branch, self-service kiosk, ATM )


Retail Payment and Settlement System designed to automate the processing of financial operations of individuals, effective management of client’s accounts. The solution allows to organize standalone high-performance local and remote workplaces in dedicated and dial-up lines in on-line mode, reduce customer service time and increase the number of clients, increase the rate of expansion of the volume of financial transactions in the bank over the growth rate of operational personnel.

Payments and cash transactions

Payments and cash transactions play an important role in the overall list of retail banking services. With a high level of operations automation, you can significantly increase the number and profitability of these types of services. Besides, it is very important for operations to ensure: the maximum control of the completeness of information, the speed of the operation, the convenience of entering information and the efficiency of further processing of data.

Sharing economy, IoT

Among other products, the company is developing systems for the Sharing Economy sector. Users have a greater choice of reasonably priced, high-quality products and services which may have been previously out of reach. The sharing economy solutions help people earn money by selling or renting underutilized goods or resources.

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